About Frazier's Field Repair, LLC

posted on December 17th 2007 by Troy Frazier

About Frazier's Field Repair, LLC

Frazier's Field Repair is an athletic field services company with a focus on baseball and softball field construction and renovation. We are the Columbus distributor of Game On soil conditioner, field dry, and field topping. We provide baseball dirt all over the state of Ohio. We can provide any ratio of clay, silt, and sand requested. We are the sole distributor of Stay Put Moundcrete bulk pitching mound and batter’s box clay. We also distribute Klawogg pitching mound clay in bags. We offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to infield lip removal, grass infield installation, pitching mound, and warning track construction.

Dale Frazier (FFR founder) worked as a volunteer for Pickerington Youth Athletic Association (PYAA) starting in 1996. Dale’s experience growing up on a farm worked with the needs of the park. In 2000 Dale tried to step down as a volunteer for PYAA and they asked him to stay as a paid contractor. Dale began working on other fields professionally in 2000. Shortly after 2001 he began using the name Frazier’s Field Repair. Troy (Dale’s son) joined Frazier’s Field Repair full time in 2004. Frazier's Field Repair, LLC incorporated on May 17th 2005. Dale currently sits as the athletic director on the PYAA executive board.

Lee Sipes worked with Dale in the earliest years of FFR, and retired in 2007. At over 70, Lee brought a great deal of insight to Frazier’s Field Repair, and his experience continues to have a lasting influence on FFR’s operations. He dearly loves baseball, and worked as hard as Dale or Troy every day. I doubt Frazier’s Field Repair will ever have an employee like Lee Sipes again.

In 2006 Frazier’s Field Repair completed work on over 50 fields. Our customers are mostly high schools, universities, parks, churches, and travel programs. A list of clients can be found here.

Business for FFR peaks in the spring, and late fall. Work ordered between June 15th, and August 15th will be discounted. Work ordered after November 1st might not be completed till spring of the following year. Seeding of turf needs to be completed before October 1st; preferably before September 15th. However, Frazier’s Field Repair understands scheduling challenges. Call as soon as you can and involve us in the planning of your infield renovation. Often times we can do unusual things to move your renovation along faster.

Frazier’s Field Repair is based in Pickerington, Ohio and very much calls the area home. We are proud to have worked with Pickerington North High School, Pickerington Central High School, Pickerington Youth Athletic Association, and the Pickerington YMCA. Dale sits on the parks and recreation board for the city of Pickerington, so we do not quote work for the parks and recreation board.

Dale’s commitment to baseball precedes my memory. He has always loved the sport. I do remember him running from the bleachers to put me on home plate as a child. I can only guess I was about 5. Field maintenance is Dale’s calling. Dale knew how to get the job done with the equipment and money he had, and that made him valuable to the programs he worked with. Before starting Frazier’s Field Repair Dale worked in industrial sales selling tools, ban saw blades, and conveyor belts. Dale graduated from Miami University with a degree in business.

Frazier’s Field Repair, LLC wants to see your field look and play its best.

Call: Dale Frazier 614-783-5595
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Adding the Baseball Dirt to the Field
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Spreading the Dirt on the Field
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